Monday, September 8, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

This card includes a joke: Daddy, do you like spinach? says Sabrina. No Yuck, says Daddy.

See CC's little hand?

Daddy has some fancy blue ribbon and a crown. Sabrina has strawberries in her hair. Mommy is the one floating. And CC? CC's in bed, which is where babies should be when there's a party according to Sabrina.

Following our tradition of baking something special for Patrick on his birthday, we prepared the most delicious carrot walnut raisin cupcakes topped with the most delicious maple syrup cream cheese frosting. We also decorated the house with handmade flag garlands. And Sabrina outdid herself with two works of art in honor of Daddy. Happy birthday my love! Wishing us so many more.


Maryeliz said...

What a lovely celebration and what lovely art by Sabrina. As an "eldest kid" in my own family, I had to smile at Sabrina's message that babies should be in bed during the party. And how I love S's self-portrait, with the strawberries in her hair. So sweet.

Maya said...

How nice. I like the flag garland...I think I'll borrow that idea for the upcoming birthdays in my house.

erica said...

I made a flag garland like that this summer for our family to use and reuse on birthdays and other special occasions-- such a fun idea! It was a big hit with the other adults at my son's first birthday party, and I used a lot of fabrics from my grandmother's stash that have been used for different projects over the years, so the fabric itself has a lot of meaning as well. =)

I just found your blog (thanks to Google Reader, which randomly recommended it) and I'm totally hooked. Now I need to catch up!