Monday, September 22, 2008

A Childhood Worth of Movie Nights

A while ago we started having weekly movie nights (or afternoons) with Sabrina. She's four and we thought it was time to break open the TV armoire to her. But soon after I realized that even films made for children are often wrong for her and for our family.

I really found most movies to be too long, difficult to understand, violent, confusing, full of the wrong messages, quick to make the bad guys appealing, or touching on difficult subjects we have not yet discussed. Sabrina would often ask to watch the same thing again as soon as it was over and when I asked her why she said it was "so I can understand the story," which made me kind of sad that she was not so much enjoying herself as trying to keep up.

And yet, I know Sabrina really looked forward to movie time, as did Patrick and I. We love film, and I feel there is a definite purposeful place for movie watching in our home and in my children's childhood. It's another pleasure in life, and one I want to share with my entire family.

Enter this fantastic collection of DVDs. Over 100 short adaptations of classic stories, animated fairy tales, funny little movies and musical skits. Some read by famous actors--Meryl Streep's reading of Chrysanthemum is outstanding. Something we've been watching, laughing over, snuggling before, eating popcorn to and just simply loving. Sabrina still asks to watch the same movie over and over, but now she says it's because "it was so funny" or "I want to learn the songs."

And another cool thing about this collection? CC loves to play with the DVD boxes! She stacks them, pulls them out of the cardboard box, looks intently at the images. Something for everyone.

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Nina said...

We have stayed TV (and video free) for all of my dd four and a half years but I have to say your recommendation of the book DVD's peaks my interest. They sound wonderful. I'm glad you shared it. It is something to consider.

LaMammina said...

I'll have to check out that collection, it sounds ideal.
Have you tried Mary Poppins? I must admit, Tilly had to watch it a few times before she really understood the story, but now it is a favourite and the songs are quite lovely.

Simmy said...

Hi Patricia - I so enjoy your blog - it's delightful! What about musicals? Victoria is obsessed with the Sound of Music and this has launched a whole side bar of other interests (wanting to learn to play guitar like Maria, becoming a nun (!), going to Salzburg and Austria in general, getting married). We all end up singing the songs and watching the movie over and over. We never really finish the movie though since the Nazi part is too scary.

Laura said...

Great suggestion hermana! I feel like we have gone too far with Star Wars with Alex and i can't go back now. But he still enjoys what he calls 'quiet shows' (e.g., busy people) and loves some of these characters so i will put this on the christmas list (and borrow yours until then!) Love you.