Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our Five Senses

I've been thinking very seriously about how to engage all our senses a bit more. We love art and so tend to focus on seeing. But what about smelling, hearing, touching, tasting? I especially want to focus more one all the senses for CC, because so many of our activities are beyond her abilities. But exploring all five senses (often at once) is something CC is an expert at!

Today we went to a nature trail with the intent to really focus on all our senses. As we walked around I brought our talk back to these topics. What do you hear? What can you smell? How does this feel? I offered CC different things: a dry rock, a wet rock, a leaf, interesting plants. I wet her feet in the creak and we paused for a long time by the babbling water. Sabrina caught on immediately and found new things to experience: running through tall grass tickled her legs, a plant felt soft on her face, she noticed birds chirping and the musty earthy smell of the trail.

I really loved doing this. It was a meditation of sorts: we never strayed from exploring our senses and kept our focus. We had been to this nature trail many times but today we experienced it like never before.

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Natalie said...

This was a beautiful piece. My husband and I are going hiking this weekend, and instead of just focusing on the visual, I am going to make a point of experiencing our hikes through all of my senses. Thank you for this wonderful reminder!