Thursday, August 28, 2008

Live the Nie Nie Way on Nie Nie Day

Today is Nie Nie Day in honor of one of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie Nielson of the NieNie Dialogues, who was recently in a plane crash with her husband. Thankfully, both of them survived. But they also sustained terrible burns over large parts of their bodies and are in drug-induced comas facing months of recovery. Many of those who love Stephanie and her charmingly positive and enthusiastic outlook are doing what we can to support her, her husband and their family. People are organizing auctions, making purchases, giving donations, offering prayers, releasing balloons, writing tributes and rereading Stephanie’s blog to find hope and inspiration in it.

Ever since discovering Stephanie’s blog about a year ago, I have found her influencing me almost daily. On Nie Nie Day I want to thank her for how she has provided me with inspiration and helped keep me on track this last year. After “visiting” with Nie I would always look at my husband and children with more loving eyes, I would smile and laugh more, I would feel energized and pretty even on a bad day.

More than once I looked for one of her gushing posts about her husband to remind myself to be a loving and romantic wife. Her funny posts about her children's mischief and proud ones about their cuteness and talents always charmed. The colorful pictures of her delightful and at times unapologeticly messy home helped me relax and have more fun in my own homekeeping efforts. And her posts about food and parties always made me want to celebrate for no reason other than love of life and family.

Nie Nie helped me find humor in mothering, romance in my marriage, faith in my life. I love that this woman, 10 years younger than I, showed me through example how to bring together intelligence and optimism, devotion and independence, hipness and domesticity, humor and sweetness. Things that I aim but sometimes struggle to keep in my life at all times. Stephanie did so effortlessly and guided me in being a better mother, wife, and person.

I do believe that things happen for a reason, but find it hard to say that about Stephanie’s circumstances. Why must she suffer so? Why must both she and her husband be hurt, neither of them able to care for their four children? Why must such a beautiful woman be hurt in a way that will affect her appearance?

For now, I turn to Stephanie’s influence on me. If her current ordeal serves to expose more people to her blog, her life, and the amazing rallying that was taken place in the wake of her accident, then maybe that is the reason behind this story. Maybe, like happened to me, people who never would have known Stephanie will read her words, see the lovely pictures of her life and channel a bit of Nie Nie into their world, their home, their family to make it a better place.

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shawn said...

Beautifully written. I am just like you, in almost every way you said. Almost ten years older, and encouraged so much to be better by Stephanie. I've never met her, but think of them all, at least 40 times a day, I bet. I am incredibly moved by the support coming from bloggers in general for them.