Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wildflower Garden

It's raining hard and I'm so glad because it means we won't have to water our new little garden planted some months ago. We had a big empty flowerbed in need of color and a four-year-old girl in need of a garden to tend. After preparing the soil and pulling weeds for two weeks, we shook nearly a whole can of wildflower seed onto the flowerbed. We watered and watered and pulled weeds, and just when we were sure nothing would come of it, big stems and leaves were growing and now some flowers are blooming. Sabrina had almost lost interest in the project, but now that she has armfuls of calendula flowers to pick she's enamored with her garden again. Next up I see some pink and purple buds starting to show! I love that this was nearly effortless and that I can let Sabrina and CC pick these flowers to her heart's desire.

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Ariella said...

I have those "weeds" growing all over my yard, and I have been yanking them out of the ground, since I didn't think they flowered. Wow, thanks for sharing. I'll stop destroying nature.