Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Notes

"Making Mail" is a favorite activity lately. At least a few times a week we have been sending out postcard-size drawings with little notes dictated by Sabrina. You can tell she misses her preschool friends and teachers because she has mostly wanted to reach out to them. Sometimes she makes mail for me, Patrick or CC, and we use stickers instead of stamps then, although I think I'll get some one and two cent make-up price stamps to make it more authentic. It's become such a part of the week that on my list of things to do is create a little mailing kit for her with envelopes, precut cards, stamps and those romantic par avion stickers.

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amber said...

Ooooh, will you please show pictures of the kit you make? This is right up our alley. Caroline has a Bloom kit that we got at Target, and she likes it, but I wish we had just gone the DIY/creative route. We still could . . .

I would love to give her a dedicated writing space--and a little letter writing kit.

By the way, it was so fun to see that you stopped by. :)