Thursday, July 31, 2008

Muffin Pan Meal

I've been wanting to try out serving food in a muffin pan ever since I came across the idea from Sycamore Stirrings via The Crafty Crow. Today we finally did. It was so much fun to put the pan together and allowed me to make a complete meal out of odds and ends. Sabrina was thrilled, advising on placement and food selection: pretzels, cream cheese, kiwi, walnuts, smoked salmon, carrots, olives, more smoked salmon, pears, more kiwi, whole wheat goldfish, red pepper. "It's a paint palette dinner!"

It's a fun and healthy way to get variety and even sneak in a few new items or non-favorite things that may be gobbled up in the process. Sabrina and CC shared this pan (ok, I had some too!), but I think I'll try to find two 6-cup ones for the future so I can tailor them to their needs and also keep track of how much each one ate. Great idea for play dates too, I think!

And by the way, have you noticed the new button on my blog? Cassi at The Crafty Crow recently featured a few of our projects, which I am so thrilled about. The Crafty Crow collects great kid activity ideas from all over the blogosphere and I am honored to have been tapped!

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Lesley said...

what a fab idea i love it!! it may persuade my 2 to have some variety in their meals - thanks for the idea Lesley x