Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Living Outdoors

We've traded a lot of our indoor play and art time for being outdoors. It's perfect weather these days. There's lots to do outside--play in the sand, garden, bounce on the trampoline, pull things in a wagon, climb the playground equipment. Sabrina does it all, but always feels the pull of her art and so every morning and afternoon she will use her chalk, decorate a mound of dirt with flowers and pebbles or make sculptures out of sand and dirt. I really want us to explore using more natural materials in art this season. My first step is to watch Sabrina because she finds incredible uses for everything she finds.

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Rowena said...

Thank you for sharing your activities and your life.

I just found your blog and am inspired by it.

I am working on living the creative life, and trying to figure out how having young children fits into it.

Your blog is making me see how easy it can be. As easy as anything is when you have a one year old and an almost 3 year old, that is. :)