Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fresh Start

Sometimes simplicity is not about taking away, but adding one more thing to the day. I've been buying huge bags of oranges and hand squeezing a glass for each of us on most mornings. There's something about the smell of oranges. About the simple, honest effort. And that taste. It makes us feel so alive! And if you're going to add something perfect to the day, it might as well be early in the morning, to set the tone. What small, simple, perfect act could you add to your day?


Rowena said...

I think I should take the kids out into the garden and let them run around while I write and collage in my journal.

That would add to my day, I think.

Good + Happy Day... said...

I'm with you. Doing something creative of my own while my children are around me is dreamy... I think we're not there yet because Sabrina and CC are just too young.

amber said...

I love the simplicity of this. You have got me thinking.

I think a simple, perfect act for us would be painting together right after breakfast. We do this sometimes on Saturdays and it would be so nice to give a Saturday feel to some of our weekdays--no hurry, no big plans, an easy pace.