Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Abstract Scrap Collages

We recently started saving up all the scraps from collages and projects with construction paper. Sabrina found a beautiful way to use some of them. Truly, the idea and execution were all hers. She even knew that the best way to glue the scraps onto the white paper was to water down the glue and paint it on the white paper. I LOVE these pieces. I love abstract art and I know I would be drawn to these pieces were they in a gallery or museum.

1 comment:

Mean Mommy said...

How cool would those look matted and framed and hung in the kids' room!

Those are great. I really envy you Sabrina's enthusiasm for crafts. I LOVE making art and crafts with my kids, but I'm way more into it than they are...and am usually left alone at the table cutting and gluing away!