Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sabrina's Mobile

Inspired by pipe cleaners that she said were "bits that fell off a rainbow in the sky" and some nature treasure we collected some weeks ago, Sabrina designed this completely unique mobile. She used some techniques she learned in preschool where they've been making multi-media pieces, wrapping wire around objects and making coils.

From start to finish this vision was all Sabrina, and the execution was nearly all hers too. My one contribution was securing the pipe cleaners to the tops of the pine cones exactly as Sabrina instructed me to. It was fascinating to witness her creative process unfold and watch her carry to completion such a complicated idea.

This is another reminder to me to say yes more often, to follow my children's lead, to trust... The plan for this afternoon was to go to the library, but Sabrina did not want to and specifically said she wanted to work on art. We did for over an hour and then I really wanted to clean up and get dinner ready. But Sabrina insisted she wanted to make more art. When she pulled all the pipe cleaners out of the bag I started to lose patience, and when she found and dumped a bunch of dried up old pine cones (aka nature treasure) out I was about to put a stop to it all. But the look of focus and inspiration on her little face made me pause, and once she got started I just had to be thankful that I was not quick to stop her and had the opportunity to be the parent I want to be and to witness this wonderful piece of true inspiration come about.


Montessori Mama said...

I love this!
I am really enjoying your blog too.
Sabrina is very lucky to have such a creative mom.
aka Montessori Mama

Gwyn said...

I have those moments too when I just roll my eyes on the inside and begrudgingly do it. It always seems to involve seeds and nature treasures as such - they make such a mess when crushed up all over the floor!

Julie Liddle said...

Thanks for sharing...I just stumbled upon your site. Nice to see a mom putting into practice (naturally) the very ideas that I try to convey in my art classes for tots and moms. Check out my two recent articles in Washington Parent. I think you will find they resonate with your parenting philosophy (and you might like to try some of the ideas)! Both are in Washington Parent Magazine (January 08: The Magic of Creative Discovery, and April 08: The Art of Springtime) I tried to enter the links, but they didn't work. I think you can access them by going to

Melissa said...

How creative and beautiful. I try to be a mom that says "yes" too, but sometimes have to remind myself to let my son do things his own way and remind myself that the process is more important than the product. A friend recommended your blog to me and I love it!

melinda said...

i have pinecones!
i have pipecleaners!
and now, i have a project to do!
thank you!