Friday, March 14, 2008

Little Miss CC

At 10.5 months you...
smile and laugh all the time
need your own babyproof dollhouse
adore your big sister
look like your Daddy, dimples and all
dance to music
love to stand
love your cherrios, chicken, beef, lima beans, pasta wheels. love to eat!
say mama baba dada na sha cc and put together sentences we pretend to understand
drag yourself inchworm or commando style everywhere
give me funny look when I call you Cassandra
wave bye-bye
blow kisses
have the most beautiful eyes and lips
sign for food and milk and change
enjoy your bedtime stories
are proof that a heart can double in size


Stephanie said...

Beautiful home. Love the IKEA high chair--my daughter is eating breakfast in ours as I write. I love the simplicity!

Anonymous said...

And also - at 10.5 months....
You are the delight of your cousins Alex and Nico who will surround you any chance they get and will need to start calling you something other than 'Baby' CC soon.
You have a strong, commanding grip which will serve you well to hold on to what you want in life.
You are beautiful, full of grace, sweet, and funny.
A perfect second godchild to add to my perfect first one.

amber said...

I smile every time you post a picture of your big-eyed baby girl. Both of your daughters are so beautiful!

Thanks for the reminder on your saying yes post. I definitely need to say that more often.