Saturday, March 8, 2008

Easter and Spring, Spring and Easter.

Despite the strange weather, cold, then warm, then really cold again, we're slowly getting ready for Spring and Easter. I feel a bit guilty that the build up for Halloween and Christmas and Thanksgiving seemed more intense than that for Easter, which is actually my favorite holiday in many ways.

So here are our plans, some already on their way:

1. Plant little pots of clover and wheat grass
2. Set out our collection of Polish painted eggs that my mom has been adding to for years
3. Paint our own wooden eggs inspired by the collection
4. Discover old and new Easter and Spring picture books, (see what we're reading at BabyCenter)
5. Make these baked donuts for Easter brunch
6. Do some Spring cleaning and weeding inside and outside the house
7. Set bunches of bright tulips all over the house
8. Visit the Easter Bunny here or here
9. Make these stained glass egg decorations
10. Fill the sandbox with sand and new toys, buy fresh sidewalk chalk, a bag of balls and a parachute, and move playdates outside.


Sheila said...

Thanks for the link to that list of Easter books. The Tasha Tudor one sounds delightful so I found it on the library's website and we'll check it out soon!

Michie said...

I am Polish and I am realizing I really don't know much about their traditions or culture. I love the idea of painting eggs like the ones your Mom collects! Sounds like fun.