Friday, February 8, 2008

Smileys from School

Sabrina comes home from school with amazing things: Matisse-inspired collages, fall-colored etchings, watercolor aliens, bejeweled crowns and multicolored sheilds, a universe in a jar and a little book about outer space are some of the beautiful and fun projects she has worked on lately.

But my favorite surprise in her school bag has been this, brought in today: smiley faces drawn on her little clipboard. Something no one directed her to do. She found a quiet moment and worked on these crowds of happy people all by herself, out of the happiness in her heart.

Wouldn't these faces make a great pattern for wrapping paper or fabric? Does anyone know how I could make these into something like that?


The Chansburys said...

g'day from down under! those drawings would make great art on tea towels - just need to find a way to print them onto the linen. i guess you could use the same technique they use for ironing artwork onto tee-shirts.

JoAnna said...

You could probably scan them into your computer, and I am sure some handy tech person would know how to repeat the patter to be able to print it. I am clueless in that arean, but another thing you coould do would be to copy them onto fabric and embroider over them for a nice wall hanging or pillow...