Monday, February 11, 2008

Origami Heart Valentines

This is our first year making Valentines, and I really wanted to come up with a pretty design that Sabrina could have fun with but that would be easy to make many of--we have eleven classmates, seven teachers, a dozen friends and family to express our love to.

I decided on the general design we would go with and asked Sabrina to pick out the materials. I have a box filled with paper so I let her choose three types, specifying that they be red or pink or white. She chose construction paper, which doesn't surprise me since this is a familiar and comfortable materials for her; an origami mesh that I have had forever and never used; and some lovely origami paper I recently bought on a whim. Yeay! Don't you love it when your child makes such great choices?

I cut the mesh into squares, the paper into rectangles and hearts out of the origami. One by one Sabrina selected her colors and patterns and glued the cards together. Later we'll add her name at the bottom of each card. So we still have work to do but I wanted to share with you in time to inspire your own card making!

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Sara said...

Just visiting from the Crafty Crow. These are adorable. Thank you for sharing.