Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hearts and Kisses

It's February... a month I really like! I like the surprise snowstorms, the love in the air, having a theme for crafts , coming up with something fun to do on Valentine's Day (with children of course), and making cards. I think this is a cute idea: an "advent" calendar leading up to Valentine's Day. No need to make it all related to V-day... just making it about friendship, love, sweetness, the color pink is enough for me. Here are my thoughts, in no order:

1. Bake something sweet as a surprise for a neighbor
2. Make and set out some feeders for our friends the birds
3. Write thank you letters to Sabrina's teachers
4. Make Valentines for Sabrina's classmates, friends and some special ones for Patrick and the grandparents
5. Have a Valentine's Day tea party for our stuffed animals
6. Read some simple love poems to my girls
7. Make lists of things we love about each other
8. Update my picture frames and brag book
9. Play love songs from when Patrick and I first met for the girls (Chris Isaak was a favorite)
10. Indulge in some really special chocolates
11. Make pretty bouquets for the girls' rooms
12. Have some pictures taken of the four of us... do you know how few of these we have?
13. Have a Valentine's Day-themed family happy hour
14. Make heart-shaped pancakes

What will you do in the first half of February?

Image by Sarah Jane Studios.


amber said...

Funny--we have a similar list and the same idea of "advent" calendar. Fun, fun. Here were/are our ideas . . . I'll admit I'm a little behind, but I'm glad I made the list to give us some direction!

Sarah said...

What great ideas! I may have to "steal" some of them to do with my crew. Thanks!