Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Winter Spaces and Moments

I haven't posted in a while, but not for lack of subject matter. So let's get caught up on what we've been up to that's good + happy these winter days.

We've been...

...reading to each other. That's Sabrina and her cousin Alex snuggling up in a tent for storytime.

...having fun with pipe cleaners.

...placing flowers in our rooms to put some spring into these cold cold days.

...hanging out with new and old friends. That's Henry, a bear Patrick's mom gave me the year we started dating. Bluestar, a favorite friend my mom gave Sabrina. Ice Bat, a new Ugly doll CC got for Christmas. And Toby, my lovie from when I was little.

...making more soup.

...reading a new favorite book. The little girl in it has a lot in common with Sabrina.

...enjoying our cozy home.


...having a ball at January birthday parties. I think our big toy purchase for springtime will be one of those parachutes and a bunch of foam balls. Sabrina loves them!

...painting these matryoshkas in rainbow colors.

...getting bigger and more lovely by the second.


Make and Takes said...

I love the pipe cleaner name. That is a great idea to help kids form letters. I will be giving my son a handful of pipe cleaners to start spelling.

molly said...

you should blog about the pipe cleaners on BBC! that's a great idea.

and where are the nesting dolls from?!!

j-bird said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I esp. love the baby pic and the flowers. Fantastic.

simmy said...

Hi Patricia,

I love the post! I was wondering where you got the matryoshkas dolls to paint? Victoria would love to do that craft project :-)

Dayna said...
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Dayna said...

Oh me too me too...where are the lovely nesting dolls from?