Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Perfect New Blog

My love of blogs is split in several directions--I go for:

one. the design, product, home inspiration ones.

two. the ones about art and crafts by artists and crafters.

three. the ones about children, living with children and doing things with children.

four. the more personal ones about families, mostly those with children, mostly written by moms. I guess this genre is the "mommy blog."

Bloesum Kids brings much of this together through the lovely vision of Irene Hoofs who also writes one of my favorite design blogs, Bloesum. Like the original, Bloesum Kids covers the international market, so while you can't always easily buy what is reviewed, the inspiration is that much fresher. I also love that Irene will be featuring a weekly art project. Perfect!

The image above is an example of the lovely things featured in Bloesum Kids. A French shop. A play kitchen that's a veritable little work of art. Garlands from so*sage. Parfait!


bloesem said...

..don't know what to say...thank you so much for these lovely words. Merci Beaucoup! Irene x

Mean Mommy said...

Your blog categories are exactly same as mine. Thanks for bringing Bloesem to my attention. It's a gorgeous blog!