Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I love the New Year. I love the fresh start. The hope and opportunity. The chance to review, refine. I love going over the year that just ended and realizing how much was accomplished, learned, how many amazing moments were lived. And then looking ahead, planning a bit, setting my intentions, and knowing that although some of what I plan may not happen, at least one unexpected and unplanned and incredible thing will come along and begin to take root deeply into my life.

In 2005 this incredible and unexpected was that I began painting. In 2006, it was starting a (almost) daily meditation practice. And in 2007, it was discovering and joining the blogosphere. If anyone had asked me on January 1st of those years about meditating or starting a blog I would have said, That's interesting, but it's not for me. Yet one or two years later I can see how these new elements in my life came as answers to things I was seeking--peace, community, discovery of self and of the world.

The picture is of A Little Hut's calendar. If you still need one, and one of your intentions is to recycle and be more creative, this is perfect!


Laura said...

I share that sense of renewal and commitment to simplicity, focuson what matters, and appreciation that comes on January 1st. Thank you for your continued inspiration on both blogs. I just caught up with reading many entries I had not over the vacation: lovely and hoping for many more in 2008!

The Heron's Nest said...

Isn't is a wonderful time? I am so thankful that one year ends,and another begins, allowing me to try again, and start anew. Please keep me posted on any interesting things going on in the area. I wish we had been able to get to the play. I will definitely keep my eye on that theater, it looks delightful.