Friday, January 25, 2008

Clothespin Family

Meet Daddy, Mommy, Sabrina and CC as clothespin dolls. I had been wanting to make some dolls with the bag of clothespins we've had sitting around forever. Then I came across this little gang and these friends and got a burst of inspiration. With just some scraps of felt, pine cleaners and glue, we made our own family. Outfits designed and glued on by Sabrina, cut and tailored by me. Faces drawn by Sabrina and hair done by me. So much fun to make and now play with.


Susan said...

I am loving your blog! Those clothespin dolls are so cute- I've been meaning to make some myself. And I love those photos of your wintertime fun. Makes me want to pull out the tent and sleeping bags!

love.boxes said...

What a fun project!

JoAnna said...

Ok, I saw thiese over atanother blog and now we MUST try them. They look like so much fun!