Monday, December 24, 2007

Day 24 - Sharing Bread

In our home we always share bread on Christmas Eve. It's a Polish tradition, and you can get a special wafer called oplatek for the occasion. But we have also used plain bread or crackers when we didn't have the real thing.

Before starting dinner, everyone attending the Christmas Eve celebration gets a piece of wafer and has to share it with everyone else present. Sharing, community, generosity and plenty. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

So ends my advent for this year. I hope you've enjoyed following our journey to Christmas. From my home to yours, with love and gratitude for this wonderful community I have found this year. Merry Christmas.


Sarah said...

wishing you a merry merry christmas xx

Katie said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog! I have an 18 month old and love your ideas, both here and at Babycenter.

Happy New Year!

love.boxes said...

What a beautiful tradition. My brother spent 2 years in Poland and loves the Polish people and their language, literature and traditions many of which, like this one, are very beautiful. He especially loves and collects Polish wood carvings, which are truly amazing.

Michie said...

I'm Polish and I've never heard of this before - I'll have to look into it. Thank you for sharing. I actually should research more Polish traditions.

Paulina E.K said...

I am Polish and love this tradition as well. All true Polish people stick with tradition. My mother taught us it at a young age so now that we are older we carry on the tradition. We are very detailed as well. Looking for the first star in the sky to begin, hay under the white table cloth, leaving any empty chair for unexpected guests... etc... We were born in the US and live here but we stick with Polish traditions because they are very meaningful. Here in the US, Americans forget the importance and true meaning of Christmas. My mother told me that back in Poland only little kids received presents and the rest of us just enjoyed each others' presence and company. It was never about the presents and gifts you'd receive, it was always about family and the true meaning of Christmas! Polish people are known for the way they celebrate Christmas.