Sunday, December 23, 2007

Day 22 - The Snow Child

Today we went to see The Snow Child at the Classika Theatre in Shirlingotn, Virgina. My sister came over to be with CC (thank you!) and it was a nice opportunity for Mommy, Daddy and Sabrina to have some special time together. The show was great--a combination play/puppet show and a sweet story.

The Classika Theatre, dedicated to shows for children, only puts on a few a year suitable for three-year olds, and The Snow Child was one of these. Sabrina was totally absorbed by it and could not take her eyes off the Snowflake Queen played by Julia Tasheva. Note for those who live in the DC area: the show last through January 6.


teh heron's nest said...

You know, it might help if I picked up the Post a little more often (though I can't imgaine any more stuff in this house). Hope you had a nice holiday.

the heron's nest said...

ok, poor typing again. Sorry!