Thursday, December 13, 2007

Day 13 - Santa Lucia

Today is Santa Lucia and to celebrate I got up at 5 am to make traditional buns called Lussekatter. They're made with saffron and raisins and are perfect, yeasty, warm, sweet but not too much. My favorite kind of pastry bun.

Now I know I said I was going to keep it simple, so why am I observing a Swedish tradition? My justification is that we do have some Swedish in our family--my brother's lovely girlfriend is Swedish! Also, I have a love of Swedish things--from Pippi Longstocking and Moomins to IKEA and Marimekko. But if I tell the whole truth, I became obsessed with making these cute buns a while ago and figured that it would be perfect to make them for breakfast on Santa Lucia. Well worth getting up early, and it was nice to fill the house with the smell of baking first thing in the morning.

Here's the recipe I followed.


Veronique Christensen said...

Man, those look delicious! I am in awe that you woke up so early to make them :-)

Ben at said...

Would you mind if I made a tiny correction to your post? The Moomin books and Marimekko are both from Finland, not Sweden.

It certainly can be confusing...both Swedish and Finnish are national languages in Finland. In fact, the Moomin books were originally published in Swedish even though the author, Tove Jansson, is Finnish (born and died in Helsinki).

Marimekko was founded in Finland and it's headquarters remains in Helsinki.

heronsnest said...

Oh it looks like you have been busy. I have been lurking, but unable to comment due to crazy blog issues. Glad to be back and able to comment on your great site!

G.G. said...

Yeah me2 on Marimekko and Moomin trolls both being from Finland, not Sweden.

I just found your site for the first time (was doing a blog search under "Marimekko". I just posted an article on how Dolce & Gabbana are doing a bit of design piracy and ripping off the Marimekko "Unikko" print.

Good + Happy Day... said...

Thank you, Ben and G.G.! Clearly I need to brush up on my knowledge of Scandinavian culture. I'm particularly embarrassed because I hate it when people confuse Spain with other Spanish-speaking countries. So, thank you Finland for Moomin stories and Marimekko.