Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 1 - Fresh Start

I am not one to start decorating on the first of December--by Christmas I would be sick to death of it all. So we typically start by cleaning up and weeding out. I write about weeding a lot, don't I? It's just never ever done! Around the Christmas season so many things come into our home--gifts from others, gifts for others, gifts for each other, cards, wrapping paper, treats. I expect December to be a very productive time at Sabrina's preschool too and need to make room for new art. So it just makes so much sense to start with a clean slate.

We already had a bunch of bags to donate from a pre-Thanksgiving raid on stuff. Also a bag of stuffed animals I had hidden in the attic about a month ago to see if they were missed. They have not, so it's bye-bye to them. Today we worked on toys and books. No hard decisions, I would never make Sabrina give up something she enjoyed. So we were just moving out some things outgrown, never used, no longer used. The toys really boil down to: books, blocks, cooking, jewelry, dolls and doll accessories, animals, puzzles, musical instruments, art supplies (galore!), a few board games, and some other items like binoculars, a kaleidoscope, etc. We kept only the best in each category and most loved.

Sabrina was fine with what we were giving away and her room now looks like the colorful but minimalist space where her imagination could soar that I had originally envisioned and that it was for a short time. And now I can also see how a dollhouse or some other large Christmas gift might fit into her remaining collection of toys. CC's things too got a weeding--how many rattles can one baby have? I kept only the really great ones.

I also took some time during naps to take back my home after my four days of being a sicky. I tidied up, cleaned some, moved things back where they belong. Patrick did yard work that he had not gotten to since he was taking care of the girls while I was sick. So we ended the first day of December with a tidy, weeded, raked, bagged home. Oh, and a piece of gingerbread each! Not too early for that.

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molly said...

so glad you're feeling better! I had the stomach flu on thanksgiving and I had such a cleaning rush once it was all over. I love the space you've created, so beautiful and clean and fresh. Lots of room for good play. (and i love your doors and knobs, too!) :)
look forward to seeing you back on babycenter. i've missed my crafting buddy over there...