Saturday, December 1, 2007


Well hello there! And so sorry for the long silence. First there was Thanksgiving, which we spent happily in New Jersey and New York City with family. But right after returning, I got sick and have been sick sick sick all week, with four whole days spent in bed, not reading or blogging or watching TV, just kind of out of it. I had to reserve my energy to nurse CC and chat with Sabrina and it took all of my motherly love to muster up the force for those moments.

But today I woke better and feel like I'm back from a long trip, ready to embrace my old life and also start all kinds of things. Funny that it should also be the start of a month, always a favorite time for me, and also the start of the time of Advent, such a lovely, warm, optimistic time. So many of you have already started writing so eloquently on the holiday season and sharing such inspiring ideas I cannot wait to try.

I had this little idea as I was picking out the advent calendar for Sabrina that leading up to Christmas I would do my own Good + Happy Day advent calendar--each day I'll mention one little thing we're doing to celebrate the season. I'll post my first day shorty... I'm so glad to be back! I missed writing!


Heronsnest said...

We just started to do the Advent wreath this year. I hope it makes the season a bit more meaningful rather than just the focus on "getting".

Veronique Christensen said...

So glad you're feeling better, we missed you!