Thursday, November 15, 2007

What I'm Not Reading

storytime by ashleyg

We're a family of readers, some would say voracious readers. We love books, bookstores, curling up with nice books. We love the library, we always borrow too many books and almost always renew them. We sometimes buy books just for the cover knowing full well we may never read them. We love book catalogs and websites about books. Patrick and I are always reading something and always know what we want to read next.

We read to our babies in the womb, not for the benefits to them but because it was an excuse to get lost in the treasures of our childhood. We could not wait to start on bedtime stories with Sabrina. There's a picture of her, age 3 days being read to in Patrick's arms. CC, lucky girl, just fell right into our reading routines and has the attention span of a preschooler when it comes to listening to stories. We buy our girls too many books and read to them past bedtime too often.

We belong to a kind of informal family bookclub where my mom, my sister and I often read the same books at the same time, then pass them on to our husbands.

We have given boxes and boxes of books to libraries and still our shelves are bowed and our attic (I know, books should not be in the attic) is filled with books.

But for the last months, I have not been reading. Yes, there have been magazines, blogs, the news online, the occasional parenting or how-to book, and certainly lots of children's books. But the novels, the books of short stories, even the ones by my favorite authors, remain stacked on my night table, untouched. Some wait unfinished, and will probably have to be started from the beginning because I can no longer remember what they're about. But reading is part of who I am, and it's important to me that my children know this and see me reading, not just to them, but to myself, for myself.

So after finishing this post, I'm off to bed at what is super early for me these days--9-ish. I don't yet know what I'll be reading next, but I do know it's already on my night table.


Ali said...

It's hard to squeeze in your own reading with little ones. One of my favourite aspects of breastfeeding was that it forced me to sit, often with book in hand.

A love of books is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. Looks like you have already given it.

melissa said...

my bookclub used to hate me because I could plow through most any novel in 24 hours- I'm a fast reader. Now that my little one is 4, I'm lucky to get in a page a day. I don't think I've read our book club's picks in, oh, five months or so. Which means that the last book I read cover to cover was in June! I chalk it up to child-related exhaustion. I hope to someday read again. . . .

Good + Happy Day... said...

Thanks for your comments! I finally had to throw out the magazines and just force myself to start a book. I'm so glad! Water for Elephants is amazing so far! But it will take me about a month to finish because I fall alseep after about 10 pages. Patricia

love.boxes said...

I'm with you. I order Christmas and it comes delivered from The gift of a book is ideas, a whole world of experience, a ticket to travel, the opportunity to be someone else for a few days and walk in their shoes and a million other things. What a deal and usually for less than $20. Used for less than $5.

love.boxes said...

ps .. my mom loved the Water for Elephants book and just like your family has just passed it to me.