Monday, November 5, 2007

Bopping to the Beatles

I realize my blog is heavy on visual arts and not so much on musical ones. But it's something I want to focus on a little more, because we do listen to music, really! We've even been playing a different type of music during each of our family happy hours in an effort to expose the girls to new sounds. Well, after hearing Yellow Submarine Sabrina now only has ears for the Beatles. Strawberry Fields, All You Need Is Love, Piggies and Yellow Submarine seem to be the favorites. But we tried some other Beatles-like tunes and those were a hit as well. Mr. Blue Sky by ELO in particular. My parents and Patrick's met and fell in love during the Beatles era... so how neat is it that a third generation is bopping to the same music? And Sunday morning Sabrina surprised us with an awesome drawing of us living in a yellow submarine. Can you spot the toilet?


Mean Mommy said...

My kids LOVE the Beatles! And they love toilets, as you may have read on Momformation (this is Ashley).

I love the idea of family happy hours!

JoAnna said...

Fuuny. I was just thinking how terible it is that we have so far deprived out children of the Beatles. Perhaps we've been a bitt too heavy with the show tunes! I like the idea of drawing to the music!!!! Very cool.

Good + Happy Day... said...

Ashley, looks like we have a lot in common then!

Joanna, I can't tell you how relieved we are not to have to listen to "The Hello Song" or the "Me Song" anymore! Sabrina has realized other stuff is actually more danceable! Patricia