Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Well Hello Dolly

I'm not holding my breath, but I think Sabrina might finally be showing some interest in dolls. She's only liked stuffed animals so far, the cheaper the better. But just lately, she's been swaddling some of them and calling them her babies. She's also been a little nicer to the few dolls that sit in her room waiting for any sign of affection. I myself was very into dolls as a child, and with all the cuties out there, I'll be more than happy to help Sabrina find a new baby, friend, whatever. Here are some of my favorites... we'll see which one is the lucky chosen one.

Lullaboos. Everything from the name to the adorable clothes and cozy pods they sleep in is perfect.

I love those faces on Waldorf dolls, and Moonchild Studios has some of the nicest, and they are custom made for your child (or you!)

I've already admired little red caboose's Matryoshkas... and they are only getting more lovely with each new batch... but they also sell out almost immediately!

Love these little French dolls, each one-of-a-kind and with her own little story.

On our way home from finding out Sabrina was a girl, Patrick and I stopped at a toy store and got this Corolle doll for her. Too bad the poor baby lives at the bottom of the toy bin smothered by stuffed animals.

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kristin said...

glad to have found your blog...

i can relate to the angst of wanting a dolly-lovin' child. my youngest is there now, but my middle had only a short stint.