Monday, October 15, 2007

Want to Make a Change?

If you want to make a change, just tell your bossy 3-year-old what it is and why. Then see what happens. Sabrina loves to boss me around, which can be cute or obnoxious, depending on the moment. But one sure benefit is that she keeps me honest by reminding me constantly about the right thing to do... using the very the same words I use to remind her constantly about the right thing to do.

I bring this up is because we've been trying really hard to break some bad habits in our household, and Sabrina has been extra helpful in this respect.

Turn off the water Mommy when you brush my teeth or the fish will choke with no water.

Don't use the paper towel Mommy you don't want to kill a tree.

No, Mommy, no fresh paper. I will paint on the other side of my art so I cannot kill a tree.

That cleaner smells so bad, Mommy. Can you get rid of it? It's a bad for me smell.

Mommy, remember to bring your bags so you don't kill more bags at the grocery store.

And so it goes at our home, with our fearless leader pointing her little finger at us and getting us to walk the talk.

This is my contribution to blog action day.


Crystal Johnson said...

I actually laughed out loud!

Anonymous said...

dear patricia--i've known you and loved you since you were 22. what a beautiful thing you have done with this blog and by god, i'm making those cookies with the boys. can i throw some chocolate chips in the batter for mommy? much love, robyn

Anonymous said...

Hi, your daughter is wonderful ( and of course so are you!). Those comments are as great as the little girl at a McDonald's birthday party we went to who told the hostess when placing her order " no thanks I dont like your food. I'll just have water please"