Monday, October 1, 2007

Preparing for Solids

Little CC has been staring at us longingly and smacking her lips when she sees us eating for a good month now, so we're gearing up to start her on solids. I am so excited for her! She's about to enter a whole new world of pleasures. We've managed to raise one very adventurous eater already, and I have high hopes that CC will be like her sister, eating broccoli and drumsticks like a pro and happy to try everything from olives to pate to mussels.

So in the next weeks I'll be figuring out menu plans to get CC from boring rice cereal to the more exciting sweet potatoes and apple sauce and eventually to ground chicken and beef. Feeding schedules and how to get to three meals a day is another one of those things I seem to have completely forgotten about, so it will be a little bit of a relearning. For now, I'll focus on the easy part... getting stuff. On my list: bibs, bowls, spoons... none of Sabrina's have survived so I have the pleasure of putting together a new collection of baby table and dishware.

I am always, always partial to dots and stripes.
Love these bunnies from tadpole creations.

Colby Lane Designs has the most unique and adorable patterns.

I love this classic Marimekko bib, a gift from my sister.

Quilt baby makes beautiful bibs featuring modern prints.

These spoons and bowl from Nova Naturals will make me feel like I'm feeding a little forest fairy.


laura said...

I love the wooden bowl. It makes such a difference to surround ourselves with beautiful things for everyday use. And the children appreciate it too!

molly said...

It sounds like we definitely need to chat sometime!...the new "job" we're both starting soon, we live pretty close to each other, and I have one about to start on solids, too. :)

I'm definitely getting that wooden bowl for her. I was just thinking a few days ago about getting the 'supplies' together for starting food with her. so glad I found your post with these beautiful things.