Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mood Changers

Happy Girl by LaMaga

I just discovered Write, Mama, Write and have found so much inspiration there. I've spent all evening browsing through the great pictures, links and ideas this fellow mom shares. A favorite post is this list titled "Mood Changers for Toddler Days." It's a great list to have around for those blah times when nothing you do seems to be making for a good + happy day and everyone is just getting crankier and naughtier and more out of control. My favorites: #3 Draw a big bubble bath at an unexpected time of the day. #10 Use chalk to draw a huge train track or road system all around your house, leading to your front door and #40 Decorate the dinner table together to make an ordinary meal special.

I love lists and want to take some time soon to make our own list of activities guaranteed to lift our spirits. Here are a few that already come to mind:

*We play Simon Says but without the "trick" part. I can get Sabrina to do all kinds of goofy things!
*We make faces: happy, sad, surprised, angry, silly, laughing... and take a picture of each, then put together a slide show on the computer or print photos to make a "Faces and Feelings" book.
*I draw things on Sabrina's back and ask her to guess what they are... she usually can't but it feels nice and is relaxing!
*We pick a color and go on a treasure hunt around the house finding things in that color.

What are your favorite mood changers?

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melissa said...

I love your blog and get so many good ideas from you. Along the same lines of a bubble bath, my almost 4 year-old little boy loves to get into his swimsuit and go pretend swimming in the bathtub. Also serves as his bath WAY before dinner.