Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How to Tell a Bedtime Story

How to tell a bedtime story:

1. Go to give one last goodnight kiss but instead snuggle into your daughter's warm bed.

2. Begin with "Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sabrina who was very smart and very nice and very funny and very beautiful..."

3. From there let the story follow whatever twist your or your daughter's imagination will take. Maybe the story is about Sabrina bringing treats to all her friends who missed school because they have colds. Or about Sabrina painting the house in different colors while everyone sleeps. Or about Sabrina going to the beach and befriending a family of starfish.

4. Make sure the story involves fantasy based on something your daughter loves in real life like giving people treats, painting, the beach, or starfish.

5. End the story with some kind of familiar coziness... the friends all get better and return to school, everyone wakes up and loves the new colors in the house and has breakfast in the new purple dining room, the starfish all return to the water and Sabrina returns to her home.

6. Be prepared to tell a second and third story and to continue to snuggle.

7. End with a long hug, many kisses and a promise to tell another story in the morning.

8. Know that even though this means you'll be staying up an hour longer to get things done, it is worth it because your daughter is drifting off to sleep in a world of marvels all of her own.

Image: Bed of Roses by Carabatack Design


Anonymous said...

Thankyou I love this post! I cant wait to send my girls to sleep with beautiful images and happiness. Thanks for sharing

emily said...

how sweet! there is nothing i like more than laying in bed with my girls at night and telling stories and just talking about anything and everything!

jess said...

This is wonderful! I love doing this with my kids. We come up with the most wild ideas. Then I usually end up falling asllep with little bodies wrapped around me. These are magical times