Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Sabrina - Amelia Earhart, because Patrick and I wanted her 1st costume to be of an exceptional woman. Frog, because her favorite ASL sign was frog, sticking her tongue in and out very fast. Forest Fairy, because she proved to be a magical child. Bumble Bee, Sabrina's own choice, because she liked a book about bees.

Cassandra - Pumpkin, because she's a perfect baby and there's something perfect about a classic.

This morning, when I told Sabrina today was Halloween, she said, Really? She's right to be skeptical--it has pretty much been Halloween for two happy weeks of crafts, cookies, booing and ghosting, neighborhood and preschool parades, parties and dressing up. And it ended in a wonderful crisp evening of trick or treating, greeting neighbors and sneaking in one more candy before bedtime.

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Jeremiah McNichols said...

Amelia Earhart... I love it. Precious.