Friday, October 12, 2007

A Childhood in Spain

Today is Spain's national holiday, so in celebration let me list some of the childhood experiences that I wish to recreate in some form for my children. either during summer visits to Spain or at home in the U.S.

...the smell of paella made by my parents filling the house starting early in the morning ... staying up until midnight to play outdoors ... eating salted sunflower seeds and corn nuts by the fistful ... having siesta in my aunt and uncle's bed after a big family lunch ... the sounds of an outdoor rock concert keeping the whole family up late into the night ... eating roscon dipped in thick hot chocolate for Reyes ... biting into the coin baked in the roscon ...walking the brightly lit streets of Madrid at night after an evening of shopping with my mom ... soaking for hours in the warm Mediterranean Sea while chatting with my parents ... getting lost in my grandmother's orange groves ... collecting live snails for paella ... crushing chestnuts with a rock to get at the meat ... in summer watching TV on the balcony... bocadillos for dinner made by the moms and eaten outdoors with friends ... going to really nice traditional restaurants with my parents ... stopping at a real restaurant during the road trip from Madrid to the coast and having a three course lunch ... sleeping in very hot hotel rooms all over Spain ... no air conditioning ... eating condensed milk sandwiches ... salted dry cod, bacalao ... relatives' homes filled with stacks of magazines dating 10 years back ... Fiestas de Agosto ... Fanta Naranja ... reading Don Quijote de la Mancha at age 13 and laughing ... visiting the Prado all the time.

How lucky was I?

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i said...

hi!! i've read your blog for a while now and i find it extremely inspiring and well thought. i love your ideas and have used a couple for kid presents :o) but i wasn't aware at all that you have anything to do with Spain! and i was going to comment on the previous post about the Spanish letters (which i don't think i've ever seen here in Spain!) but then i have just loved this post and cannot agree more about your lucky childhood :o)
itziar (from Valencia, unsure about wether she should have used Spanish or not in this comment :o))