Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Uses for Crayons

I've been getting lost in the blogosphere looking for great kid-related blogs for about a year now and thought I had them all on my radar, then sudden, happy day, I find a new treasure. How could I have missed scrumdilly-do? Not sure, but it is a wonderful blog full of craft and activity ideas with step-by-step instructions and pictures.

The two talented women behind the blog come up with fun and unique crafts sure to please children of all ages and their parents. I love that they use very basic materials we all already have--crayons, tempera paints, paper plates. And they are able to come up with fun new ways to use things kids might have tired of. For example, crayons take on a new life with these neat tricks. Plus, these ladies cook, do book reviews, and have lots of insights to inspire us mamas. Enjoy!

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emily said...

thanks for sharing scrumdilly-do . . . i just checked it out and it is a great blog! i'm always trying to come up with new craft ideas for my 3 girls!