Monday, September 17, 2007


Cassandra, or CC as we call her, is nearly five months old and we are just now getting around to sending out her "birth announcement." The truth is, it seemed a little strange to announce her arrival since everyone in our world learned about her birth via email about five hours after it happened. Plus, by now anyone who cares to look has seen hundreds of photos of her and the rest of us on flickr. Welcome to the modern age.

But we knew we had to send something out or our slacking would come back to haunt us when CC realized 10 years from now that Sabrina had had a birth announcement. So we thought of this mailing as more of a memento for friends and family and decided on a mosaic photo montage of CC as she has grown in the months since her birth. We designed the mosaic on Big Huge Labs and ordered the cards from We LOVE them. They're simple, cool, printed on very good quality matte paper, and--lucky for all those families whose stainless steel fridges won't support magnets-- fold to stand on their own.

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Laura said...

The announcement is very cool: graphic, loaded with the best pictures, and a unique format. Great suggestion. I plan on using moo for xmas cards this year.