Friday, August 10, 2007

What We Did During the Heat Wave

Seems like the awful heat we've been experiencing in the DC area for over a week now is finally gone. Being inside most of the time has its ups though... it gave Sabrina lots of opportunity to be artistic. In our home selected new art is always placed on the fireplace mantel. Here's what it looks like today after five days of fun and work. A number of other paintings, drawings, collages and crafts are scattered around the house. From left to right, the "best" pieces include:
  • Stripes and Orange Circle, watercolors inspired by a recent visit to The Phillips Collection
  • Vase made of toilet paper roll and yellow flower made of construction paper
  • Various construction paper collages
  • Airplane, a watercolor painted for Daddy, who "loves helicopters, airplanes, and cars."
  • House made of cardboard and construction paper
  • Modern collage using images selected by Sabrina from Dwell magazine
  • Kaleidoscope made of toilet paper roll
  • More construction paper collages
  • A 3-D paper flower piece
  • Painted piggy bank (more on this another day...)

1 comment:

jen b said...

great idea for the kids. it is so very hot here this week. i may have to steal some of these.