Friday, August 24, 2007

Setting the Table

Here's something I'm doing for my children, my family and my sanity: replacing our everyday fabric tablecloths that need washing after every single meal with Mimi the Sardine's cool vinyl ones. I love setting a pretty table but find it's nearly impossible to keep it pretty when young kids are involved. Invariably the milk spills, the yoghurt drips, the tomato sauce slides off the plate. I knew there had to be a better way and set out to find some vinyl tablecloths. Well, the other nearly impossible task turned out to be finding ones with modern, simple prints. Everything out there seems to be in Provence prints, loud fruit patterns, or boring solid colors. But finally, I found Mimi the Sardine's great products made from very cool Swedish fabric and in accordance with strict environmental laws. I can't wait to get my new tablecloths in Flower Power Blue and Solvic... I may even get the matching bibs for Cassandra to use in a few months!

1 comment:

Cara Horton said...

To cool! I will have to look into that, I have two very messy eaters!
I love your blog and all the neat things you find.