Thursday, August 30, 2007

Rainbow of Books

Seems like organizing books by color is something I keep coming across in magazines and blogs. So Sabrina and I tried it... usually she does not like helping me organize her room, but she enjoyed pulling all the books off the shelf and separating them by color. Now she loves what she calls her "rainbow of books." An additional perk of this fifteen-minute project was that we rediscovered some old favorites we hadn't looked at in a while.


Ali said...

They look so pretty - now if only I could get all the kids books onto a shelf, I could give that a go!

emily said...

that looks so great . . . we might have to try that at our house too! i love the book shelf too!

emily said...

i love this! beautiful - and, i've found that my kids rediscover/reconsider things when the things look different. it's almost like having something new. i think we'll have a little indoor project next time it rains!