Friday, August 3, 2007

Good + Happy Mornings

Drawing by Alberto, from the archives of
The International Children's Digital Library

There’s nothing like finally getting it right… especially when the solution is simple and the effort required minimal compared to the peace it brings. Here’s something I just figured out: to achieve morning bliss I need to get up an hour earlier than my children. Sure, every parenting magazine tells you this, and in most picture books the mom wakes her kids, not the other way around… but it just never rang true for me until I started to wonder how my husband and I would get two children off to a good start and be out the door by 8:45 am once I went back to work.

Before Cassandra’s birth I used to get up early to mediate and write, and that was nice. But once Sabrina awoke the morning often turned into chaos as I tried to make breakfast, keep her entertained and get myself looking decent. This was not going to work in our new life with baby since I needed to add 30 to 45 minutes of nursing time to the morning.

So now Patrick and I get up at 6 am to shower, get dressed, make coffee, make breakfast, prepare Sabrina’s lunch and check the news before getting the girls up. I try to meditate during this hour too. The next hour and a half we spend as a family, cuddling, nursing, having breakfast, chatting, and playing before the nanny arrives. It's been so nice that I am keeping the same routine even on Fridays and weekends when I don't work.

I’m sure there are lots of parents out there saying Hello? Of course you have to get up an hour early! But if you aren’t one of them, give it a try… it’s one of those simple things that just work.


Anna said...

I wish that would work for me -- but my daughter is a sleep ninja! As soon as she hears me moving around she gets up. And then we're staring at each other across the breakfast table at 6am, wondering how we got into this early morning mess.

Good + Happy Day... said...

That's so funny! I have to confess I tend to tiptoe for fear of waking someone before their time! Patricia