Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Letters Everywhere

Mommy, this little worm is trying to write my name! That's what Sabrina said when she saw this worm. I was still laughing when she followed with a very serious Can you get rid of it? Nothing is sacred, not even a literate worm.

I know it's been done before and really well, but it's kind of neat to find letters in objects. Ever since Sabrina started learning her letters she's been spotting the alphabet everywhere... an A-shaped piece of cheese, a C-shaped watermelon slice, a J-shaped poop, you get the idea. If I could remember to take a picture every time she saw a letter I'd have a full alphabet through Sabrina's eyes by now.

And speaking of letters everywhere, here's a neat tool I found via nested: Spell with flickr searches for flickr photographs of real letters on signs, storefronts, etc. and lets you spell out anything you like. You can let it be random or change the letters to come up with something new. Here's one version of Good + Happy Day. And here's another. It could be fun to print out the photos to spell your child's name, create some personalized cards or string together a birthday banner.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Good+Happy Day,

Just to let you know that you have two new fans in Madrid and Stockholm. Your blog reminds me of all the neat things I used to do with my sisters when I was little, which I believe developed my imagination and made me the person I am today.

Congratulations and love,