Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Decorating Books for the Whole Family

I'm a decorating magazine junkie and live for that special time of month when all my subscriptions start coming in and stacking up on my nightstand. When a new one comes in, I always follow the same routine--first, I flip to the second half of the magazine to see if the real homes shown are any good. Then I take a quick look at all the pages hoping for some good interviews and product reviews. Finally, I get around to reading the articles and inspecting all the details of the homes I like.

Over the last three years I have become very particular about what I enjoy: if the issue doesn't feature any homes that actual children live in, forget it. I really can't relate! I want serene and luminous nurseries, fun big kid rooms, exquisitely organized playrooms, cozy family rooms, backyards outfitted for toddlers, shelves loaded with modern toys and classic books. Unfortunately, most issues will only feature one or two family homes at most. And I'm still waiting for a "Metropolitan Home Kids" or "Elle Decor Mini" to come out!

That's why I love our collection of Judith Wilson's wonderful books about kids' spaces and family homes. The three books we have are: Babies Rooms: from Zero to Three, Children's Spaces: from Zero to Ten and Family Living: Creating the Perfect Family Home. The books are filled to the brim with wonderful photos and descriptions of rooms that are simple and airy, modern and cozy. They also feature lots of pictures of children, which Sabrina adores to see. In fact, Children's Spaces was a present I gave her to inspire us in putting together her big girl room. Her first decorating book! She calls it just that and loves it.


Ali said...

Those are great books - I have the Childrens Spaces one and it's real eye candy.

jen b said...

that babies rooms book looks so cute. i think you idea of "Metropolitan Home Kids" or "Elle Decor Mini" is genius. i would buy those in a heartbeat.

marta said...

ooh lovely blog. just found it and am delighted.