Thursday, August 23, 2007

Writing the Book

I love it when this happens:

I get a sweet comment from Marta.

I visit Marta’s blog and recognize her handmade journals, which I have been admiring via other blogs. I think the neat connections end there.

I spend some time looking through Marta’s blog and shop and come across some wonderful quotes, one of which is by Annie Dillard, whose book The Writing Life inspired me when I first started writing.

The quote reminds me of a little notebook of quotes I used to keep in college.

I dig my little notebook out of the attic and find the exact same quote: How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

Dillard’s words capture exactly why I started Good + Happy Day. Fifteen years of living and growing are neatly tied together and for a while my life makes sense the way a great book does.


jk said...

Beautifully that quote.

marta said...

wow. i love a stream of consciousness thought process. i'm glad i could connect some dots for you. i collect quotes and often reflect on them. am glad you are a writer. it is something that you will always be glad you have done. keep it up.

ps. that WRITE pencil vase you emailed me about is created by Rae Dunn. she has an incredible way with clay.