Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Getting Ready for School Memories

School starts in about two weeks. This will be Sabrina’s first drop-off experience and I'm pretty nervous about it. Last year she attended a wonderful playschool, a preschool that parents and caregivers attend with their children. But this year it’s going to be the real deal: she’ll be attending a Reggio Emilia school three half-days a week. Eating lunch there and everything!

We’re all a little scared of being apart, but also excited about all the great things Sabrina will create, learn and do this school year. The school places a great emphasis on child-led learning and the child as artist… so in line with Good + Happy Day!

It feels a little weird to me that she’ll be on her own for this big step… we’ve taken almost all her big steps together! So I’ve been thinking of ways to mark and document this milestone as well as help us all feel connected. Here are some thoughts I’ve had:

*Keep a school journal. Every school day write down what Sabrina tells me about her day, add a picture of the work she brings home, a photo of her on that day, or any other visual that comes up.

*Sabrina loves it when we all have the same thing, so I was thinking of getting some small objects like charms that we can each have with us—Sabrina can take hers to school, Patrick and I can have ours and we’ll leave one in Cassandra’s nursery.

*Of course we’ll take that traditional picture of Sabrina in front of our house on her first day of school.

*Give her a small album of pictures of us she can look at if she misses us.

*I’ve already ordered a little gift for her: Ashley Goldberg’s lovely Hello May print. I know Sabrina will blossom as an artist this year and because of that I want her to have her own small piece of art. This print just kind of makes me think of children in school. I hope Sabrina will like it… I know she’ll appreciate it because she knows art is a big deal!

I’d love to hear your ideas! How do you mark the start of a new school year?


Cara Horton said...

Mine is kind of dumb, not as good as your ideas you have. But I make homemade cookies for when she gets home and we can talk about the first day. I am going to try some of your ideas!

Cheryl said...

Well, we take the photo outside on the front porch, we have a growth chart that we mark how tall they are on the first day of school, and I make homemade cookies when the come home from school.

scrapcat said...

what a beautiful post!
my dd and I will be attending a preschool class together so i'll have to remember all these sweet traditions for next year!

emily said...

we do the photo, and i send a special note in the pocket of his pants (he's old enough to read, so that's different).

i bumped into a friend on our first day last week and she shared her tradition, which i love - she gives her kids a spoonful of honey on the first day of school to symbolize a sweet year (on this particular day last week she was out of honey, so she gave them lollipops - oh well, still sweet).