Thursday, August 16, 2007

Big Girl Flowers

Whenever I’m feeling blah about my home, I tidy up a bit and run to the store for some inexpensive bouquets that I deconstruct to suit me. There is nothing like flowers around the house to bring in freshness and energy. I like simple bouquets of all one flower or color, and try to stick with varieties that last through the better part of a week like mums, irises, tulips, roses or gerbera daisies. After Sabrina moved to her big girl room I bought a little vase for her (it’s made of unbreakable resin) and started to put flowers there too. She loves this detail in her space, and often has strong opinions about what flowers she wants to get. At times Patrick or I surprise her with a bouquet. Like old-fashioned suitors we hold the flowers behind our backs and spring them on her. “You brought me flowers, thank you!” she’ll say, little charmer that she is.


Ali said...

Bless her - learning how to accept flowers graciously is a wonderful skill to have mastered!

JoAnna said...

Oh dear. All fo these images could easily get me obsessed too! Great post!