Monday, July 9, 2007

Sit. Stay. Read.

We just signed up for Get Caught Reading, our library's awesome summer reading program for preschoolers. I knew they had a variety of reading programs, but had no idea there was one for pre-readers. Sabrina loves going to the library and over the last few years we've discovered some wonderful new classics, revisited old ones and fallen in love with several book characters such as Olivia, D.W., and Madeline.

The program will give a little structure to our bi-weekly excursions to collect books and also introduce Sabrina to elements of literacy beyond reading and being read to. The program requires us to read 10 new books and rate them by choosing from three different puppy faces: happy, indifferent and sad. We also have to work on 20 different literacy activities, earning a sticker each time one is completed. Activities include asking a librarian for a recommendation (done--we were introduced to Rattletrap Car this way), learning a Mother Goose nursery rhyme by heart, attending a story time, and planning an imaginary vacation and reading a book about the place.

Once we've completed the reading and activities log, Sabrina will receive a a stuffed puppy. How excited is she? About as excited as a new stuffed animal and stickers can get her, which is very. I'll share our final book list and some of our experiences with the activities as we do them.

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Laura said...

Thanks for the idea, I just signed up Alex! This is a great and fun way to encourage reading. For older toddlers, the 'Bob' book series are a great way to encourage self reading, with short, easy sentences and neat graphics.