Saturday, July 7, 2007

Photographing Treasures

Sabrina went for a walk with her Daddy and returned with all sorts of natural treasures. She's always finding pretty little things during her outings, sometimes returning from walks with entire bouquets of flowers. We usually arrange her finds into a still life and put the flowers in water. But for the most part, the treasures fade or are lost within a few days, and so are a fleeting pleasure.

Today's treasures were such a nice collection that we arranged them and took a good photograph (thank you Mr. Good + Happy Day!). I love this picture. It reminds me of botanical charts, which I've always found beautiful, and really highlights the loveliness of each treasure while capturing the memory of that little walk. I think I'd like to get it blown up and framed for Sabrina's room.

It occurs to me that photography is one art toddlers don't get to experiment with much. Although she may lack the developmental skills to use a good camera, letting Sabrina select and compose subjects for photographs is a good way to get her interested in photography and involved in the creative process. We'll be doing this again!


Laura said...

Another great art project, merci! I am going to start photographing, and playing with Apple's Iphoto program to create books of what my boys collect. Make your own wordless books and encourage your children to remember all these magical moments.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I am a photographer and my sister has just blessed our family with a new little girl. My first niece! I'm in love.. I have been thinking to myself, how will I influence her life and help her to become creative, or at least get an understanding about creativity. Your idea is a very good one. You are instantly grabbing their attention by paying attention to what they find pretty and are attracted to. What a great learning curve. You can also teach them where each treasure comes from, the name, about life and death (plant and flowers), etc etc thank you!