Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Museum Family Membership

Kenneth Nolan, April - 1960
The Phillips Collection

Ever since becoming a mom I appreciate even more living near the nation's capital where we can take advantage of all the free Smithsonian museums. It makes it possible to pop in for short visits often or leave without a second thought if Sabrina is not into the exhibit we came to see.

My favorite museum in DC is The Phillips Collection, which, wouldn't you know it, is not free. But for Christmas my husband got me a family membership so, in addition to supporting this awesome museum, we are able to go as often as we want and also get invitations to special events.

This morning Sabrina and I went to see
Lyrical Color, an exhibit highlighting the Washington Color School. I was sure Sabrina would enjoy the bold colors and graphic patterns, and I was right. She got very inspired and kept saying she "wanted to do that" pointing at the huge canvases of multicolored stripes and dots. But as much as she liked it, 30 minutes is pretty much her limit for looking at art, after which we needed to visit the museum cafe and gift shop, where we got some postcards so we can make our own paintings inspired by what we saw. Half an hour was definitely not enough time for me to take it all in, but I know we can return this weekend for another quick look. I am definitely asking for the same gift this Christmas.

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