Friday, August 17, 2007

Mad about Matryoshkas

Anyone who has grown up with a matryoshka doll in their home knows the irresistible need to pull it apart down to the teeny tiny doll at the center. My mom brought Sabrina two matryoshkas from Poland, and they are some of my favorite playthings of hers. At first it was all about taking them apart and putting back together, but now Sabrina actually plays with them as if they were little action figures. Lately I've been seeing matryoshkas everywhere! Here are my favorite sightings.

Lovely paintings from tsktsk

Felt doll from wapita

Adorable felt bag made by summer salt design and shown on scissors paper glue

Stamps from Small Object

Fabric dolls from runamok

Annushka by little red caboose, who also blogged about matryoshkas... in fact, those yellow ones are just like the ones I grew up with!

More great dolls from runamok

The start of a beautiful project by Sarah London

Thomas Paul russian doll platter from nonchalant mom

My Little Matryoshkas book with actual nesting dolls inside

Wee pincushion from zakka

And if you're looking for the real thing, look no further than The Russian Store's selection of hundreds of nesting dolls.


Ingrid said...

here's one you missed!

marta said...

oh my goodness, this is such a wonderful post and blast back to my childhood. i just emailed your link to my mom, who collects these.

just so cute!

matryoshka said...

This is a very fine set of matryoshkas that you have put together!
Here is a few more
unusual matryoshka dolls to add to your collection.

Marty: said...

Thanks for this post. I love Matryoshka dolls. I give them to my granddaughters and tell them they are the biggest doll, and their mom and grandmothers are the littler dolls. They carry all the hopes and dreams, talents and gifts of all the women that have gone before them, who loved them before they were born.

itziar said...

i've just discovered your blog and i must say it's great! i find it really inspiring...
and this post... i just love Matryoshkas since my uncle brought me one from Russia when i was like four years old. i think they are a wonderful present for kids! and the ones you've mentioned here... to die for :o)

Anonymous said...

I love matryoshkas! I got some recently from these guys for my mum which are gorgeous.