Thursday, July 26, 2007

Love You When You Whine

I love it when the perfect book falls into my hands right when I most need the message it delivers. Browsing through the kids' section at a small bookstore my eyes fell on Love You When You Whine by Emily Jenkins. It's a children's book, but I got it for my husband and me because it seemed to be perfect for any parent whose angel sometimes drives them to the edge of insanity with whining and other annoying behaviors. The book's text and funny pictures perfectly capture young kids' naughty behavior (Sabrina does or has done about 85% of what the book depicts) as well as that mix of great and not so great emotions that they are able to stir up in us. Jenkin's book puts it all in a funny light... and reminds us that at the end of the day what we feel for our child is the deepest love imaginable.

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